Sleep Better GREAT LAKES

Your Alternative to CPAP

Sleep Better Great Lakes provides alternatives to CPAP treatment for obstructive sleep apnea through the use of an oral repositioning device.  We work with a network of physicians and sleep clinics to provide the best care for our patients.  Both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Heim are members of the AADSM and have been certified for use of oral appliances to treat sleep apnea.  Sleep Better Great Lakes is also a supplier of durable medical equipment. Sleep Better Great Lakes partners with board certified sleep physicians to ensure the best possible treatment for you.

If you would like to try something other than CPAP for obstructive sleep apnea please call our office at 989-684-9110.  Our appliances are easy to use, work well, and are completely safe.


Not sure if you have sleep apnea? Take our questionnaire! 


What We Do

We Help You Get a Full Night’s Rest

You can now finally sleep undisturbed in total comfort, with our sleep apnea appliance. Uniquely designed to fit your mouth, you won’t remember the last time you slept this well.

Complimentary Consultation

Not sure if you have sleep apnea? Our complimentary consultation will walk you through what sleep apnea is and explore your symptoms to see if our solution is right for you.

Innovative Sleep Medicine That Works

Our advanced technology has been proven to work. If you want true relief from your sleep apnea woes, it’s time to take action. Our dental appliance is thoroughly tested and works.

Customized Dental Appliances

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our oral appliance is fully customized to fit your mouth and provides you with real quality sleep every single night.

For Our Patients

CPAP is not the only way to treat sleep apnea. Sleep Better Great Lakes offers customized dental appliances that combat symptoms of sleep disorders like sleep apnea, giving you a restful night’s sleep. Whether you want a mouth guard for snoring or to eliminate sleep apnea altogether, click below to learn more about our appliance.

For Our Physicians

Physicians, are you looking for a better way to help your patients suffering from sleep apnea? Our revolutionary device works with their mouth to eliminate the symptoms associated with this sleep condition. Learn more about how you can help your patients when you refer them to Dr. Taylor.

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